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Mobile-Friendly Responsive Web Design

Why Mobile-Friendly Responsive Web Design Is Important For Business Websites Today

Did you know: the number of users running searches on mobile devices is more than desktop searches today?

It’s all too familiar, especially for mobile phone users – you enter site and you can’t see clearly, so you try to zoom in and turn the phone around, click on the wrong buttons because they’re microscopically sized and eventually you close the tab in utter frustration.

Now imagine that was a user trying to gain access to your website on mobile. Do you think such will be coming back, or telling their friends about the great experience that they had surfing on your site? Probably not.

On the other hand, you have visited those sites where you had no difficulty getting anything done, taking it for granted and imagining all sites are like that. You were probably interacting with a responsively designed website. That is why it is so necessary. A good user experience in today’s world is a demand, not a luxury.

Your average website user does not care about website design. Such don’t want to know whether you have two URLs running for desktop and mobile, or that you dispensed with that in favour of responsive websites – all users care about is getting into your site and accessing what they need with the least possible hassle.

They will not remember that they are on mobile and therefore the text will be smaller – all they want is to be able to read what is on your site. They want to click on one button and know it is the right one, not click on three different buttons trying to get the one in the middle because it is so tiny.

Why And What Is Responsive Web Design?

Statistics have shown that people who own smartphones spend an average of 2 hrs 45 mins on their phones in a day. Over the last few years, as technology has advanced the number of smart devices in people’s hands have gone up, carrying with it the number of surfers who spend more time on their mobile Internet than on desktop browsers.

Mobile Internet Access Is Rising

Mobile Internet usage early last year was marked at 55%, standing higher than desktop access for the first time in history. Likewise, the number of Google queries run on mobile devices beat the number of queries from desktops – and with the rate at which portable smart devices are entering the market, this trend is going to decline further in the foreseeable future.

As a business owner, if your site is not well accessible on mobile devices, you are losing out on this large and growing demographic. No matter how well you desktop site may be performing, mobile experience bring in a whole different ball game. Even the search algorithms for Google mobile searches are different, and one of the top considerations is how mobile friendly your website is.

Before responsive web design came along, web designers had to have a separate site optimized for mobile use. This offered its own challenges including dilution of links, broken linking among others, and obviously having two URLs required more time and effort for SEO and management.

Effective And Efficient Communication

Responsive web design is a modern design technique that allows websites to resize and conform to the size of the screen the website users view it on. In responsive design, you have just one URL, professionally designed to detect the size of the viewer’s screen and adjust accordingly.

Since its introduction a few years ago, responsive design is becoming the standard for all websites in order to ensure the best user experience. Without it, you may lose a frustrated visitor to your competitor’s seamlessly designed website. If you have yet to implement responsive design, you are behind the curve and could be inadvertently losing potential customers to competition because of it.

How Ready Are You To Embrace Change?

If you have been putting off your website redesign because you think you can do without it, it’s time to think again. People are demanding more out of their online experience, therefore Google is becoming less lenient with sites that are not mobile-friendly. Every day you remain stuck in reverse you are giving up a large number of users trying to access your products and services through their mobile devices.

Are you thinking about the costs of redesign? You simply cannot afford not to at this stage – the stakes are simply too high and the returns will be worth any investment made. Instead of having two websites or more depending on the different screen widths out there, why not solve all your problems by getting a responsive website professionally done for you?

Users Want More!

No consumer will settle for a bad online experience, not in 2015. Google has shown that 61% of users will exit a site if they are unable to find what they need or they get frustrated with the layout. How successful your business will continue to be depends on your ability to offer users a seamless and positive user experience across every device on which they access your site.

If you do not invest in giving users the best online experience when they visit your site, you would be asking too much in expecting those same visitors to continue doing business with you. Responsive web design is no longer the future – it is here and now, and if you want to continue seeing a real improvement, you have no choice but to embrace it.

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