Why Google Page #1 Means Top Branding in Your Potential Customer’s Eyes

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Why Google Page #1 Means Top Branding in Your Potential Customer’s Eyes

If you have had a website for any length of time you realize how important SEO or Search Engine Optimization is for your company. SEO is how well you rank with the large search engines, most notably Google. If you can rank within the Google Top 10 for a popular keyword, you can almost guarantee that you will receive a large amount of traffic to your website and if you offer a compelling product or service to the large amount of visitors, your revenue should increase dramatically. There are several reasons why a high ranking in Google benefits your business and your brand.

People Trust Google

Since Google is arguably the largest and most popular search engine, people genuinely trust the results that they obtain from Google. If your website is ranking high for a certain keyword, people will click on your website with no hesitation. This a much more effective form of marketing than email marketing and other techniques. With these other techniques users may be reluctant to click on a link fearing that they may receive a virus from an email or other form of marketing.

People Are Ready To Buy On Google

When people are searching for a product or service online, they are usually pretty close to being ready to make a purchase. This is much different from traditional forms of direct mail or email marketing where as a business you must convince potential customers to buy your product or service. With Search Engine Optimization, the customer has already made up his or her mind and is just trying to find a place to purchase the product that they had in mind. This gives you a huge advantage if you rank high with Google for keywords which relate to your business.

Google Rewards Quality Content

Google’s complex algorithms are very complicated and if you are not careful you can actually be penalized depending on your SEO tactics. One technique that will be sure to help you rise in the rankings is to provide valuable content on your website. Quality content over almost anything else will help you to rise in the Google rankings. Google wants to reward websites that are trying to rise in the search engines the right way by providing quality content. If you produce consistent content which has a 1-2% keyword density then you will see your rankings increase significantly. If you do the opposite and post spammy content, Google will penalize you and your website will drop to the very bottom of the search rankings.

In today’s digital economy, your digital reputation is vitally important to your success online. Developing your brand online can be difficult, but if done correctly you can see your website traffic increase dramatically as well as your overall sales online. Using honest and effective Search Engine Optimization techniques can greatly improve your chances of ranking high with Google. For more information contact a reputable SEO company to help you determine how to improve your search engine rankings.

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